Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Abner Lloveras returns to the octagon after a year away

Catalan, who combines MMA with boxing, fights on Saturday at the 'War of Titans' held in Barcelona. He faces Frenchman Davy Gallon.

Abner Lloveras returns to step on an octagon this Saturday in the 'War of Titans' of Barcelona. The Catalan, who has fought in the UFC, had not fought in MMA for a year because he was focused on his career as a professional boxer, where he has two victories in two bouts, and because he had not found a great fight in this discipline." With the age that I have and the race that I have led I do not look for any fight, nor to be in bad events. I want a quality event against good rivals," he acknowledges.

The Catalan asks for challenges and in 'War of Titans' (event framed in the Arnold Figthers) will have it. The Frenchman Davy Gallon (16-5), a rival who comes on the line after winning four consecutive victories and wants a chance in the big leagues. Lloveras is clear: "He's going to win, he's a great opportunity to fight a man as experienced as I. He boxed well and kicked from a distance, we have a similar style, so it will be a difficult fight," he says.

With 35 years and 29 fights as a professional, Lloveras speaks unabashedly about his career. He did not want to be that long without fighting in MMA, but the circumstances did not allow it. "I had a fight in Miami closed, before Madrid vs Barça, it was a great show, but in the end it was not finished and that fight I spent six months. Time passes quickly and there were no good fights, also focused on the boxing, but when I was helping Gunnar Nelson (UFC fighter) at his camp I realized that I had lost ground skills, because when you focus on boxing that's what happens, so I did not want to leave more time without fighting in MMA and for this fight is what I have worked the most, "he admits.

As for his future, Lloveras does not doubt. He will focus on MMA, but does not close his career as a boxer." Right now I have another fight closed for December, if I win the one of this Saturday and that would put me with three victories and could look at great leagues." I do not speak of UFC, although I would love, but Bellator or some powerful league in Japan. before December he may do some boxing match, "he says. With his return to the octagon in Barcelona also returns to fight before his after three years, something important for him. "For me it is more comfortable for the weigh-in and the fight to have everything next to me. It can also go to see all my family and friends. In addition, it is important that you can make these kinds of important events," he concludes.

The UFC returns the light heavyweight title to Daniel Cormier

In a brief statement, the company reported the annulment of Cormier vs. Jones. In addition, he placed the postponed lawsuit between Johnson and Borg for UFC 217.

Just the formality remained and the UFC issued a brief statement to ratify the second positive in Jon Jones' career . The American had won Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 , but after enjoying his belt again saw a positive by Turinabol again leaving him without the title . After this confirmation, the American company also affirmed that the combat happened to count like 'No Contest' (annulled), reason why it disappears of the record of both and its result annuls.

That is, Daniel Cormier regains the scepter he lost illegally. With this news, the champion was very hard with Jones, ensuring that it will be the end of his career. " It is a death sentence.That drug is very expensive, it will not be easily found in a supplement.I have been in the USADA program for 12 years.I have never had that problem.If it is a mistake, you have to be more careful , mainly because you were coming back from a suspension.I hope people understand something else is ridiculous.The reality is that you can not fail a drug test, "he said.

Demetrious Johnson already has date to fight with Borg

The day was for UFC announcements as it also resituated the fight between Demetrious Johnson and Ray Borg . That suit was planned for UFC 215 last week, but Borg's illness made it cancel at the last minute . The American had only one virus and the company was quick to replace it. It will be at UFC 216 (Oct. 7 in Las Vegas) and will share the lightweight title interim title between Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee.

Juan Espino, the Spanish heavyweight pursued by the UFC

The Canary fighter has a 6-1 professional record. This Saturday at the War of Titans in Barcelona is looking for 7-1. He hopes to be the third Spaniard in the UFC.

The doors of the UFC are complicated to open . Only the best fighters of each category manage to find the key and cross them, a task that can last for many years. In the story only two Spaniards, Enrique Marin 'Wasabi' and Abner Lloveras, have succeeded. Fans crave another national fighter to reach the top of the MMA, there are many on the road, but wait. One of the closest the target is Juan Espino.

This canary, 36 years old and fighting in the heavyweights, dreams of getting there. And not only that, being among the best in the world in the world ranking, you are sure that if you continue your good work is possible." I think of the UFC, it's very likely," says the Canary, who will play his eighth professional match against the Yurii Horbenko on Saturday at the War of Titans (event included in the Arnold Fighters).

Espino has a record of six wins and one defeat . A record that highlights the victory points to UFC ex Rodney Wallace, a fighter who was a confirmation for the Spanish. "When I decided to focus on the MMA first I was challenged to be in big posters, when I had it I started to want to face an exUFC. From that moment my cache began to grow, " he acknowledges. Before that victory, Trota was signed by the team 'American Top Team' (set that has more than 100 fighters in the UFC among which Amanda Nunes, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Yoel Romero or Hector Lombard, among others).

"That contasen me was a great motivator. I had an old and thought it was not my time, but it did not and last summer (after overcoming an injury that had almost stopped year) decided to dedicate myself full on MMA " , he says. From that moment he was prepared conscientiously in the disciplines that he least dominated (kick boxing, Muay Thai or boxing) and in 2017 has disputed four combats, since he had not fought like professional since 2011. Not rushing, but without pause. " I must have an acceptable record for the UFC to look at me, and that's where I am now, " says this dominator of the ring. He highlights that of his six victories, only one has reached the points, in the other five combats has ended the fight always in the first round.

The Canarian fight, central axis in his career

The fight on the ground is his strength, since it has been the central axis of his career. Espino is a star of the Canarian struggle . Discipline in which he has 20 years of experience and where he has won more titles, but his resume is impeccable. He has won the world champion of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu, of Grappling and is the only non-African wrestler of Lucha Lamb recognized by the National Federation of Senegal. Juan Espino has dedicated his life to the gripping struggle and there is no one to stop him. Now, with his great experience and his improvement in the rest of disciplines he looks for the UFC. His dream is getting closer.

Friday, September 30, 2016

John Dodson vs John Lineker both plan to show who is the real stunner

John Dodson does not seem to feel threatened by the weight of the fists of John Lineker, and who claims to be he who will get the knockout.

Saturday John Dodson will face John Lineker in an explosive five - round war that will lead the event UFC Fight Night 96 in the city of Portland, Oregon.

List of 20 celebrities purchased shares in the UFC

Today the UFC received an investment of more than 20 celebrities, all clients of the talent agency that acquired the company.

The UFC has new owners, in fact, many new owners.

Tonight was revealed during the program Conan O'Brien a group of celebrities represented by WME-IMG bought a very small part of the organization ... this after the recent sale of the company to $ 4.2 billion.